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T & T Taxidermy does deer heads

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$650 Deer Shoulder Mounts
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Beautiful, Realistic Mounts from T & T Taxidermy

At T & T Taxidermy, we promise that our mounts are so realistic, you will not believe they are mounted. When you bring down a beautiful animal or reel in a huge fish, you want to memorialize the experience forever. Our mounts make great decorations, so you can relive the thrill of the hunt for years to come. Call Travis and Tommy today for more information, or just bring your trophy by our shop: (304) 373-7815.

T & T Taxidermy does wolf mounts

We Work with the Following Animals

Deer head
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Mule Deer
  • Bears
  • Boars
Deer head
  • Coyotes
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Caribou
Deer head
  • Fish
  • Ducks
  • Turkeys
  • Bobcats
Deer head
  • Foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Beavers
  • Exotics

Trust Travis & Tommy with Your Next Mount, Hide, or Rug

T & T Taxidermy has been providing beautiful, quality mounts to the Sandyville, West Virginia area for over 10 years. Travis and Tommy will provide you with a piece of art you will be proud to display in your home or office. In our shop, we have the ability to create the perfect trophy from almost any animal. We offer a variety of services, including shoulder, half, and full-body mounts; pedestal mounts; European mounts; skull mounts; and rugs. We tan all hides in-house, so you get the same great quality on every part of your trophy mount.

T & T Prices Guide

Prices may change without notice. If you do not see your trophy on this list, feel free to call us for an estimate: (304) 373-7815.

Deer head

Shoulder Mounts

  • Whitetail Deer $650
  • Wall Pedestal $700
  • Mule Deer $700
  • Bear $750
  • Boar $850
  • Ram $850
  • Coyote $400
  • Antelope $850
  • Elk $1800
  • Caribou $1500
  • Moose $2500
Deer head

Full Body Mounts

  • Bear $2500+

    *Subject to size of bear

  • Bobcat $900
  • Coyote $1000
  • Whitetail Deer $2500+

    *Subject to size of deer

  • Squirrel $350
  • Raccoon $800
  • Fox $800
  • Beaver $900
Deer head

Half Body Mount

  • Whitetail Deer $1500+
  • Bear $1500+
Deer head


  • 20” or less $360
  • 21”+ $18 per inch
  • Replicas $21 per inch
Deer head

European Mounts

  • Deer $150
  • Bear $200
  • Fox $100
  • Coyote $100
  • Bobcat $100
  • Elk $350
  • Moose $500
  • Boar $200
  • Ram $200
Deer head


  • Turkey $950
  • Goose $600
  • Duck $400
  • Pheasant $300
  • Grouse $300
Deer head

Open Mouth Mounts

  • Small Game Add $150 to cost of mount
  • Large Game Add $150 to cost of mount
Deer head


  • $1550

    with felt

  • $1000

    without felt

Deer head


  • $100 per foot

Field Care for the Best Possible Mount

It is very important that you take good care of your trophy before you bring it to us. How you treat the animal in the field can greatly affect our ability to turn it into a beautiful mount. Always try to bring the animal immediately to a taxidermist, but when you cannot, here are some tips on how to treat your trophy so that we can create the perfect mount:

  • Do not gut your fish, small mammals, or birds. Wrap the fish in a wet towel first to preserve moisture, and freeze them or bring immediately to us.
  • Avoid slitting the throat of your trophy. It is very difficult to hide the cut.
  • Keep the animal dry before bringing to us.
  • Do not drag the animal. Dragging can leave marks and damage the animal’s shoulders.
  • Avoid shooting the animal in the head or neck. Sometimes, the damage from the shot cannot be hidden or fixed.
  • For birds: keep birds dry, blotting any blood or bodily fluids with a paper towel or clean cloth. Do not damage any feathers.

T & T Taxidermy is Available When You Need Us

Travis and Tommy are available any time you need them, no matter the time of day or year. Just give us a call! We can give you a rough price estimate and a good time to bring your trophy by our shop.

We are in the shop Monday through Saturday, year-round.

T & T Taxidermy does squirrel mounts